E143: Haliburton extension, Pacers’ moves, NFL gambling, and ESPN layoffs!

The money is a flowin’ in NBA Free Agency, the hammer is a droppin’ on NFL players placing wagers, and the rains were a pourin’ for some street racing in Chicago. We’re talking about all of it in this pre-4th of July edition of Query & Schultz: Pacers lock up their franchise player for the […]

“We Were The Champions” in Indy Monthly

My first published article, an oral history of Indy’s Super Bowl XLVI, is in the latest issue of Indianapolis Monthly and posted on their website. It may sound ridiculous, but one of my career goals was always to published. I know it’s 2022 and the idea of “published” is kind of an antiquated one when […]

Schultz on Woodson Hire

I gave my take on Indiana’s hire of Mike Woodson in my latest piece for Indianapolis Monthly: TL;DR – I was kind of “meh” about hiring an IU guy, but considering where Indiana is, they have nothing to lose… and Woodson is easily the most qualified of the guys with Indiana ties.

Schultz Writes About Matt Painter

After starting a new job with ISC Sports Network in December, and the normal holiday happenings, I had been dragging my feet on getting a new submission out there for Indianapolis Monthly. I started contributing for them at the beginning of the football season and wrote about myself (my favorite topic), the Anvil (second favorite), […]

Colts-Bears Recap on Indy Monthly

As you may know, I recently became a contributor to Indianapolis Monthly. So far, the posts have been semi-frequent, but I’ve been helping weekly in a “roundtable” discussion after each Colts game with editors Michael Rubino and Derek Robertson. We always have fun with it – and find completely random pop culture references to shoehorn […]

Schultz’s Indy Monthly Debut

As most of you know, I’ve been trying to stay active in media while pursuing full-time work outside of media (if that makes any sense). So, besides the Q & S stuff, I’ve been doing the Doyel & Derek podcast with the IndyStar for over a year and just recently agreed to be a semi-regular […]