Schultz Writes About Matt Painter

After starting a new job with ISC Sports Network in December, and the normal holiday happenings, I had been dragging my feet on getting a new submission out there for Indianapolis Monthly. I started contributing for them at the beginning of the football season and wrote about myself (my favorite topic), the Anvil (second favorite), […]

Colts-Bears Recap on Indy Monthly

As you may know, I recently became a contributor to Indianapolis Monthly. So far, the posts have been semi-frequent, but I’ve been helping weekly in a “roundtable” discussion after each Colts game with editors Michael Rubino and Derek Robertson. We always have fun with it – and find completely random pop culture references to shoehorn […]

Schultz’s Indy Monthly Debut

As most of you know, I’ve been trying to stay active in media while pursuing full-time work outside of media (if that makes any sense). So, besides the Q & S stuff, I’ve been doing the Doyel & Derek podcast with the IndyStar for over a year and just recently agreed to be a semi-regular […]