E73: Pacers Remake Roster, Rams Cash In on All-In, Nick Yeoman fills in!

I’m gone (not dead, but in Florida), but I’m guessing special guest host Nick Yeoman won’t have trouble keeping Query, his IndyCar Radio cohort, on track for a loaded Schultz-less Episode 73 of Q & S: Pacers get a week-long makeover Rams go all-in… and cash in with Super Bowl win Purdue loses shot for […]

E72: A Pacers Trade, Colts get a new DC, and Purdue Heats Up!

January is finally over, the Super Bowl is finally here, and the Pacers finally make a move. We discuss all of it in the jam-packed Episode 72 of Q & S: Pacers deal Caris LeVert to Cavs for picks Purdue heating up, Indiana can’t get over the hump Getting to Know Gus Bradley Love HVAC’s […]

E71: Bye Brady, Colts Shake-ups, Purdue/IU Surge, Super Bowl set!

Whew… what an avalanche of sports news this week leading into Super Bowl LVI! We’ve got a big mix of football and hoops to discuss in Episode 71 of your favorite (hopefully) show: Bye, Brady (we think/hope!) Super Bowl LVI set! The first shake-ups of the Colts’ offseason Big weeks for Purdue and Indiana in […]