E61: Colts Survive, Bloodbath, and The Bell

We have some good (the Pacers’ recent stretch), the bad (IU Football), and the just OK (Colts don’t lose to Jags!) to discuss in Episode 61: Colts start hot (sound familiar?), survive late Indy’s playoff path IU Football’s catastrophic 2021 Pacers getting right again IMCU Player of the Week, WGU Indiana’s Sage Move, Love HVAC’s […]

Movin’ to Monday!

We’re moving! With football season here, we’re shifting from our usual Tuesday slot to Monday at 7:30 PM! The content will still be #unique and #organic, but will also be way more fresh, instead of having to wait 48ish hours after the completion of that week’s Colts game. It will be available on ALL platforms […]