E109: Ehlinger’s debut, Matthurin cooks, Rakestraw fills-in!

We’re going to have to start docking Query’s pay because for the second time this month, he’s absent from an episode. In #109, Greg Rakestraw fills-in as we analyze Sam Ehlinger’s debut, continue to gush about Bennedict Mathurin, and Greg threatens me about Reese’s cups: Sam Ehligner’s debut results in last-minute loss An already lost […]

Schultz fills in for JMV

Man, it felt good to be back on the Indianapolis airwaves again! While I’ve had various other projects (podcast, writing, the Q & S TV show, etc.) since the radio version of our show ended in early 2020, I had not been back on the radio airwaves since. Knowing that I wanted to get back […]