Schultz fills in for JMV

Man, it felt good to be back on the Indianapolis airwaves again!

While I’ve had various other projects (podcast, writing, the Q & S TV show, etc.) since the radio version of our show ended in early 2020, I had not been back on the radio airwaves since. Knowing that I wanted to get back involved, I’ve hopped on as a part-time/fill-in with Emmis and got my first opportunity to get back behind the microphone on JMV’s show yesterday.

I really appreciate all the calls and tweets from Q & S folks, especially those from our radio days like Turnbuckle Bill, Jonah in Arizona, and regular Steve among many others. It was great to have the chance to be on the radio again, something I loved doing for twelve years.

To find the full podcast from yesterday’s Ride With JMV, search any major podcast platform or head to their site: