Episode 22: Ugh, Brady Again

It’s our annual “Hey, Tom Brady is Super Bowl MVP again” show. Hooray. In Episode 22, we recap a shockingly one-sided Super Bowl, and instead of gushing about the most-decorated player in NFL history, I try to steer Query away from worshipping at Brady’s altar. We discuss the latest surrounding the Colts’ QB search and […]

Schultz Writes About Matt Painter

After starting a new job with ISC Sports Network in December, and the normal holiday happenings, I had been dragging my feet on getting a new submission out there for Indianapolis Monthly. I started contributing for them at the beginning of the football season and wrote about myself (my favorite topic), the Anvil (second favorite), […]

The Podcast is Back!

Ever since we relaunched visually (ISC Sports Network), many of you who were used to listening to us on the radio asked if there would be a podcast option. Good news: it’s here! All ten episodes of Query & Schultz are available now in podcast form and all future episodes will be made available when […]

WATCH: Episode 3!

Query & Schultz Episode 3 debuted last night and will have its first airing on Comcast Xfinity channel 81 tonight at 6 PM. We recapped a suffocating defensive performance from the Colts against Minnesota, talked about the impact of the Parris Campbell and Malik Hooker injuries, a big photo shoot for me (Schultz), and Query […]

Schultz’s Indy Monthly Debut

As most of you know, I’ve been trying to stay active in media while pursuing full-time work outside of media (if that makes any sense). So, besides the Q & S stuff, I’ve been doing the Doyel & Derek podcast with the IndyStar for over a year and just recently agreed to be a semi-regular […]

WATCH: Episode 1!

Here’s a rundown of the very first episode of the Query & Schultz relaunch on ISC Sports Network: In case you missed it, here’s the complete episode: https://www.iscsportsnetwork.com/query-and-schultz/season:1/videos/query-and-schultz-s1e1

Q & S on ISC: FAQ

Finding us in the Before Time(TM) used to be very simple – you’d just turn your radio to 97.5 FM, 1260 AM, or the iHeart Radio app. Now, jumping into television with ISC Sports Network, things are new and a little more complicated. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to watch the show, I’ve […]

IndyStar on The Q&S Relaunch

After our announcement on Monday of the show’s impending return, there has been considerable buzz across the city. Our friends at the Indianapolis Star decided to pick up the story on Tuesday, with this writeup from Dana Benbow: http://https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2020/09/08/query-schultz-sports-talk-show-back-all-its-oddities-but-tv/5743970002/