E168: Colts fall short, 2023 season review, Haliburton injury

The Colts couldn’t get it done against Houston and the Pacers are preparing for their franchise player to miss some time. We’re talking about some bad vibes on this latest episode of Query & Schultz: Watch on ISC Sports Network: Query & Schultz Episode 168 Listen: Query & Schultz Podcast Watch on YouTube: Query & […]

E70: Best Weekend Ever, OT Rules, IU’s Win & Flop

We’re still catching our breath after an incredibly entertaining and electric weekend of NFL Playoff football on the latest edition of Query & Schultz: Wow – what a Divisional Weekend! How far away are the Colts from contending? A re-examination of NFL OT rules Indiana breaks through… then breaks down WGU Indiana’s Sage Move of […]