E165: Caitlin Clark to Indiana? What now for Pacers, Colts flop in Cincy! 

A really bad sports weekend in Indianapolis was slightly saved by the good fortune for the Indiana Fever. We’re talking about it in this week’s episode of Query & Schultz: Watch on ISC Sports Network: Query & Schultz Episode 165 Listen: Query & Schultz Podcast Watch on YouTube: Query & Schultz Episode 165 Remember, you […]

E85: Favorite Longshots, Rossi’s Future, Let’s Go Racing!

The Month of May is here and it’s time to go racing (horses, cars, whatever works!) in the latest edition of Query & Schultz: Rich Strike shocks the world… our favorite sports longshots Rossi moving on after two years stuck in neutral? Are we heading for best-of-threes in the NBA Playoffs? Jake runs the Mini […]