E48: Eason, Embarrassments, and Explanations

The Colts looked sharp and were widely praised for their performance in the team’s preseason opener downtown, but there weren’t any accolades given to anyone involved in Sunday’s debacle in Speedway. We get into all of it in our in-studio return in this week’s Episode 48:

  • Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Query & Schultz!
  • Jacob Eason looks sharp in NFL debut
  • A messy finish to the NASCAR road course debut at IMS
  • Reacting to the Malice in the Palace Netflix doc
  • Re-hashing senior pranks and Tin Foil Man (for some reason)
  • WGU Indiana’s Sage Move of the Week, Love HVAC’s Love That Play and The Shop’s Buy it or Bull<bleep>!
  • Is Kevin Costner annoying?


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