WATCH/LISTEN: Episode 15!

The Colts crushed the Raiders to put themselves in prime playoff position and we talked about it on the latest edition Query & Schultz! We also discussed a likely name change coming for the Indianapolis Indians (with the news out of Cleveland), Indiana’s disrespect and the College Football Playoff’s emphasis on each program’s “brand”, plus a lot more. Here are some of the main bullet points in E15:

  • Colts pummel the Raiders
  • Appreciating Philip Rivers’ resurgence
  • CFB Playoff Committee hates Indiana, non-brands
  • Hot Cup o’ Schultzy flying off the shelves
  • We can’t watch preseason basketball
  • Our weekly features: Love HVAC’s Love That Play, The Shop’s Buy it or Bull<bleep!>, American Dairy Association Indiana’s Winners Drink Milk: Winner of the Week


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