WATCH/LISTEN: Episode 13

On the first December edition of Query & Schultz, we talked about the Colts’ getting run over by Derrick Henry and the Titans, the scary health news involving Rigoberto Sanchez, concerns about Jeff Brohm’s tenure hitting the skid, and shared our early thoughts on college hoops starting back up. Also, I gave a tearful goodbye (without tears) to my 14-year old Hyundai and we provided the beloved weekly features you’ve come to expect and enjoy:

  • Colts nearly get fifty-burgered by the Titans
  • Rigo’s scary cancer news
  • Purdue fans getting impatient with Jeff Brohm and his monster contract
  • Can IU recover from the Michael Penix season-ending injury?
  • What’s it Schultz’s backpack?
  • Goodbye, Hyundai.
  • Our weekly features: Love HVAC’s Love That Play, The Shop’s Buy it or Bull<bleep!>, American Dairy Association Indiana’s Winners Drink Milk: Winner of the Week


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