WATCH: Episode X!

(NOTE: We decided we’re doing Roman numerals for show episodes from now on, because like the Super Bowl and Star Wars, we’re a big deal.)

The Colts reverted back to their Cleveland form in the second half of Sunday’s disappointing loss to Baltimore, so that’s what we led off with in the latest edition of Query & Schultz. I swear, though, that the show was not all doom-and-gloom – we had plenty of happy stuff to talk about, like Query being heartbroken over a rare Clemson loss! Here’s what we hit on during the show this week:

  • Colts collapse in the second half
  • Is there any fixing the Colts’ mediocre offense?
  • Indiana notches another historic win and top ten milestone
  • Notre Dame breaks through against short-handed Clemson
  • Players who have wet their pants when getting arrested (sorry, guys)
  • Features: Love HVAC’s Love That Play, American Dairy Association Indiana’s Winners Drink Milk Winner of the Week, The Shop’s Buy it or Bull<bleep>!


Check it out: WATCH: Query & Schultz Episode 10

You can also re-watch the live stream on ISC Sports Network’s Facebook page. It’s available on their Twitter stream, as well: