Thirty Three: Month of May and NFL Draft!

We’re on the brink of resuming the greatest sports month in Indianapolis and just days away from the start of the important, but overrated, NFL Draft. We discuss both on Episode 33 of Query & Schultz!

Besides IMS capacity restrictions and the likelihood of Chris Ballard trading down, he had other things to hit on in The Patrick Ewing Episode (we’re going to start naming episodes after players, based on number):

  • IMS makes the call on Month of May rules
  • Will the Colts be #TeamTradeDown?
  • Debating the top quarterback prospects
  • After visiting Columbus for the weekend, Schultz ranks Midwest zoos
  • Our weekly features: Love HVAC’s Love That Play, The Shop’s Buy it or Bull<bleep!>, American Dairy Association Indiana’s Winners Drink Milk: Winner of the Week!
  • Query and the heart surgeon that saved his life run their own Mini-Marathon

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