How to Watch/Listen: Episode 17!

The Colts make the playoffs after all! IU falls flat on their face! The entire NCAA Tournament is in Indy! Jake watches Clemson get stuffed into a garbage disposal by Ohio State!

We had so much to get to in our 2021 debut on Query & Schultz this week. We tackle all of the topics above (not literally, of course) and also got into Jonathan Taylor’s second-half surge and whether what the Eagles did was really tanking. Plus, our weekly features and New Year’s Resolutions! Check it out tonight at 6 PM.

WATCH: Query & Schultz Episode 17

You can catch the live streams on ISCSN’s Twitter and Facebook platforms. If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Central Indiana, you can watch on Channel 81 Wednesday night at 6 PM, with replays throughout the rest of the week. On Friday, an archived version of the show will also be available via the Query & Schultz YouTube channel.

You can also LISTEN to the show! Here are the links to some of the major podcast platforms where Q & S episodes will be made available…

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