Great Time at Indy Card Exchange!

We had a great time on Friday afternoon at Indy Card Exchange for our first live remote since the relaunch!

As I said on Twitter, our last live show together was at Keystone Sports Review in early January of 2020. Between the layoff and pandemic, we hadn’t felt comfortable getting back on the road until this week… and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out!

Thanks to Andy, the owner of the place, for letting us do the show live from the Exchange. His collection is absolutely incredible. I was once immersed in sports card collecting in the mid-1990s and I’m blown away how crazy the hobby has gotten lately. It was nostalgic to go through Query’s old collection – which, amazingly, included some nice gems like a John Elway RC, George Brett RC, and a 1981 Topps Larry Bird in decent shape – and get to hang out in such a cool place.

Besides cards, we hit on a lot of the news of the day, including the increasing volume around the Brad Stevens-to-IU rumors, Purdue’s chances in the tournament (ouch), Colts free agency, and talked some Pacers with Scott Agness of the Fieldhouse Files. Check out our special edition show:

WATCH (ISC): Query & Schultz: LIVE from Indy Card Exchange

LISTEN: Query & Schultz: LIVE from Indy Card Exchange

WATCH: Query & Schultz: LIVE from Indy Card Exchange


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