Episode 19: You Know the Drill…

I keep posting every week how to watch/listen to the show, because I’m trying to be as helpful as possible, but I’m assuming a majority of you have figured it out. If not, welcome! Episode 19 is definitely worth checking out as our first ever “non-Colts lead” show. In fact, we didn’t even really talk about the Colts at all, which was kind of nice… for a change.

Instead, we recapped NFL Divisional Weekend and looked forward to Championship Sunday, analyzed Victor Oladipo’s departure and trade, discussed Purdue’s ongoing ownership of Indiana (and where IU can possibly go from here), plus ranked the most relevant Presidents of Query’s life – amazingly, that’s not the most off-topic we’ve ever gone before.

Also, we uncover a Twitter misunderstanding and our favorite weekly features! Don’t miss tonight’s debut at 6 PM.

WATCH: Query & Schultz Episode 19

You can also catch the live streams on ISCSN’s Twitter and Facebook platforms when the show debuts (Tuesday at 6 PM). If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Central Indiana, you can watch on Channel 81 Wednesday night at 6 PM, with replays throughout the rest of the week. On Friday, an archived version of the show will also be available via the Query & Schultz YouTube channel. (Side note: We’re thinking of moving that up a day to Thursday, especially with the time sensitivity of basketball season compared to football.)

You can also LISTEN to the show! Here are the links to some of the major podcast platforms where Q & S episodes will be made available…

Google Podcastshttps://bit.ly/3f4FpXj

If you have any trouble accessing the show and/or streams, please contact us (whenever I say “us”, it always means “me”: derek@queryandschultz.com.