Episode 17 – Anti-Mayo, Playoff Football edition

Two weeks was wayyyy too long of a break for the holidays, so we were thrilled to be back for our first show of 2021, which debuted last night (Tuesday, depending on which day you’re actually reading this) on ISC Sports Network. We caught up on a bunch of different topics, mostly postseason football-related, like:

  • Colts avoid Doomsday Scenario and get into the playoffs
  • Jonathan Taylor rookie season appreciation
  • IU falls on their face after everyone (including me) whined about their Bowl placement
  • Query hates mayonaise
  • The NCAA Tournament is going to be played entirely in Indiana
  • Clemson gets crushed into a trash compactor by Ohio State
  • Our weekly features: Love HVAC’s Love That Play, Buy it or Bull<bleep!>, American Dairy Association Indiana’s Winners Drink Milk: Winner of the Week

(We did have some audio processor issues, which I apologize for – should all be fixed for next week)

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