E136: Pacers take their Lottery shot, Palou dominates, Woodson’s recruiting hot streak!

The Pacers are watching ping pong balls, IndyCar fans are watching the rain forecast, and doubters are watching Mike Woodson knock it out of the park on the recruiting trail. We’re talking about all of it this week’s Episode 136:

  • Pacers’ hope to finally have some Lottery luck
  • Mike Woodson’s magic touch on filling the IU roster
  • Alex Palou dominates… will we see another new winner at the 500?
  • Features: Lou Malnati’s “Who’s Cooking?”, Hoagies & Hops and Chilly Water Brewing “Hoagie & Hero (& Beer) of the Week”, Love HVAC’s “Love That Play”, Chateau Kitchens’ “Buy it or Bull<bleep>”, American Dairy Association Indiana’s “Winner of the Week”!


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