E52: Another Colts’ Opening Loss

Yikes. We knew the Colts would have their hands full with this opening stretch of games, but didn’t expect to see them get manhandled like they did against Seattle yesterday. We’re picking up the pieces of Indy’s eighth-straight opening loss and talking plenty more football in Episode 52 (the Season 2 debut!) of Query & […]

Movin’ to Monday!

We’re moving! With football season here, we’re shifting from our usual Tuesday slot to Monday at 7:30 PM! The content will still be #unique and #organic, but will also be way more fresh, instead of having to wait 48ish hours after the completion of that week’s Colts game. It will be available on ALL platforms […]

E51: Football is Back, Back!

Yes, there was technically football in 2020, but with packed college stadiums around the country and the NFL set to embark on a new year, we’re talking about football being back back in the Season 1 finale of Query & Schultz: IU flops, Purdue comes through, ND survives opening week tests Adjusted expectations for the […]

Query & Schultz LIVE from Ball State!

We are super excited to be back on the road to “Chirp, Chirp!” with the MAC Champion Cardinals! Don’t miss a special edition of Query & Schultz LIVE from Scheumann Stadium in Munice before Ball State opens their 2021 season against Western Illinois. Our two-hour show (5-7 PM) will focus heavily on the Cardinals as […]

E50: Remembering Robin

Sadly, with the great Robin Miller passing away early Wednesday morning, we’ve had to wait almost a full week to officially remember the Indianapolis media and racing icon on the show. We have other things to get to, too, in a busy Episode 50, but there’s no question what we’re leading off with: Remembering the […]

E49: Some Good Injury News (For Once)

Carson Wentz took a big step in his return from foot surgery as he participated in 7-on-7 drills on Monday. The Colts also gave good news on the continued progress of Quenton Nelson and Ryan Kelly. We talked about that and more in this week’s Episode 48: Reasons for injury… optimism?! Speaking of optimism, a […]

E48: Eason, Embarrassments, and Explanations

The Colts looked sharp and were widely praised for their performance in the team’s preseason opener downtown, but there weren’t any accolades given to anyone involved in Sunday’s debacle in Speedway. We get into all of it in our in-studio return in this week’s Episode 48: Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Query & Schultz! Jacob […]

Query & Schultz LIVE from Victory Field

For the first time in two years, we’re back at the ballpark! Check out a LIVE edition of Query & Schultz this afternoon from beautiful Victory Field! The show gets going at 5 PM and will wrap up shortly before first pitch (7 PM). Here’s what we’ll have for you… Indianapolis Indians GM Randy Lewandowski […]

E46: Wentz, Wallets, Wacky Pedal Bars

To borrow a word from this week’s show, we have “CATASTROPHE” on the mind in this week’s edition of Query & Schultz. We learned during the show’s taping that Carson Wentz will undergo surgery for his foot injury, which comes with a 5-12 week recovery timetable. But, there were other more lighthearted topics to discuss […]

E45: Vaccines, Big XII Vacuum and Vacations

We’re back after a vacation break for a NEW episode of Query & Schultz. Usually, mid-to-late July is a slow time for sports news, but not this year… Here’s a rundown: Arguing over who Episode 45 should be named after Appreciating Giannis Colts’ vaccine issue and Training Camp questions Big Ten Conference expansion in response […]