E41: Playoff Parity and a Rogue Frisbee

The Supreme Court dropped a major ruling for college sports, the NBA Playoffs has injury-fueled parity like we haven’t seen since the late 1970s, and Jake is really, really bad at ultimate frisbee. That, in a nutshell, is what to expect from Episode 41 – the Tom Seaver (or Dirk Nowitzki, depending on your age) […]

E40: Surviving a Nosebleed

For the second time in less than a year, Jake Query has survived. We talked about Query’s latest brush with death – along with the NBA Playoffs and plenty of other things – in the Calbert Cheaney (#40) episode of Q & S: Jake’s ridiculous nosebleed in Detroit Hey, Frank Reich is confident in Carson […]

The Dave Parker Episode (39)

We didn’t smoke any cigarettes in any dugouts, but we did have plenty to talk about in a jam-packed Episode 39 – The Dave Parker Episode – of Query & Schultz: Impact of Julio Jones in the AFC South Portland, Pacers, and the NBA’s middle purgatory What are the albums you’ve listened to the most […]

E38: Happiness, Helio and Heart Attacks

Basking in the glow of an amazing overall day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we recap Sunday’s running of the Indianapolis 500. Sure, we had plenty to talk about when it came to the actual race, but Jake also shared a heart-warming story (no pun intended) about an interaction with Helio last Fall. Here’s what […]

E37: It’s 500 Week!

No offense to the 2020 race, which was held in August, but we’re super excited for the first *real* race week in two years. After spending most of the weekend at the track, Jake and I dove right into the storylines of the upcoming 105th running of the Indianapolis 500, but racing wasn’t all that […]

The Jerome Bettis Episode

It’s the best sports month of the year in Indianapolis, so we had a cornucopia of topics to discuss on Episode 36 of Q & S (no, we didn’t actually talk about Jerome Bettis): Pacers lock into the #9, Play-In Playoff time! Do you have to bring back T.J. McConnell? Quick Colts’ schedule release thoughts […]

E35: Pacers, Pujols, and Packing Pounds

It’s the final week of the NBA regular season and the opening week of the first Month of May activity at IMS in two years, but Query can’t get excited about either because he’s worried about his weight. Instead of keeping the focus on one of the greatest sports months of the year, Jake insisted […]

E34: Bobby, Ballard, and Beatdowns

We were excited for a new edition of Q & S, as we are every week, but some of that excitement was zapped when we learned just hours before taping that Bobby Unser had passed away. We lead off this week’s show by remembering the 87-year old, who was a unique character and an Indianapolis […]

R.I.P. Bobby Unser

The Indianapolis 500 icon affectionately referred to as “Uncle Bobby” has passed away at the age of 87. Three-time 500 winner Bobby Unser died this morning, leaving behind a tremendous legacy on the track, in the broadcast booth, and with anyone he ever met. Unser was the first driver in illustrious history of the race […]

Jake is Back on the Radio (in May)!

If you were looking for a daily Query fix on your radio (some of you are weird like that), then good news: you’ll have it for a month! Jake announced on his Facebook today that he’s agreed to take the baton from the retired Donald Davidson for Emmis’ nightly Month of May show. It won’t […]